Video Description: Frustrated over breaking a very expensive camera lens, Desi (Abella Danger) returns home to find her boyfriend, Danny (Chad Alva) in good spirits. Unwilling to let his girl spiral into depression, Danny takes control. Knowing what can get her out of her dark thoughts,Danny pulls Desi into his arms, strips off her clothes, and savors her silky skin and perfect curves. He glides his throbbing cock deep inside of her slick pussy. Desi moans in pleasure as Danny pounds in and out of her wet hole. His body stays close to hers, ensuring orgasm after orgasm which ultimately pushes her over the edge. The troubles of the day now nothing but a fleeting memory.
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I'm really not digging the settings you're using on your camera's or whatever filter you're adding during the editing because it's too bright and all the colors are soaked out
2018-09-24 08:07
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