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I Get What I Want

  • 01-07-2018 |
  • 1470
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Video Description: Kayla doesn't care that her identical twin sister, Elle, is in love with the captain of the football team, Isiah. When she sets her sights on a man - she's gonna get him. And get him she does! After inviting Isiah over to hang out, under the guise of helping her sister, Elle, hook up with him. Kayla swoops in and claims him for her own - challenging him to a video game competition in her bedroom. Without even pulling out a controller, Kayla pounces on Isiah and the two can't get their clothes off fast enough. Kayla rides his gigantic cock, bringing herself to the pinnacle of pleasure. Creaming on his big dick, Kayla's only thoughts are of her next orgasm... her poor sister is the last thing on her mind.
From DVD: Two Of A Kind
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I absolutely love how you guys do wide angle cum shots on this Sweet Sinner (as opposed to close ups).  Thank you for providing some variety for those of us who want to see something different!
2018-01-07 22:08
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