Video Description: While Ryan obsesses over his aging face in the bathroom mirror, Kenna appears at his bathroom door--or at least who he thinks is Kenna. Although he has invited the young stripper to come back to his place for months, she has always refused, as she doesn't want Ryan's psychotic step daughter to start harassing her. Her sudden appearance takes him off guard. She looks nothing like the poor girl he knows from the club who wears loud dancer gear. She is dressed elegantly, more like his step daughter Alexa. Still, Ryan is not one to question his good fortune. He has wanted Kenna for so long he doesn't care what reason brought her to his house. The two start fooling around in Ryan's enormous, master bathroom. Ryan puts in extra work devouring Kenna's pussy to ensure that she will keep coming back for more. But he can't resist slipping his surgically enhanced cock in her. He has wanted this for so long. This Kenna look alike doesn't let on that inside, she is actually Ryan's step-daughter Alexa. Alexa has obsessed over fucking her step father forever. Now, she is finally getting to live out that fantasy through a new body.

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I love Alexa Grace!  She has personality as well as fabulous looks!  Don't get me wrong, I love her beautiful ass and pussy as well as her pretty face and great smile!
2019-05-11 15:32
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