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Girls Gotta Stick Together!

  • 02-13-2018 |
  • 1456
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Video Description: MILF bombshell, Brandi Love comes home from work to find her gorgeous babysitter August is clearly upset, apparently Brandi's husband propositioned her earlier--and not for the first time! August tells Brandi how he's been trying to use his connections in the entertainment industry as leverage, hoping to entice August into an affair for the promise of a modeling career. Brandi's skeptical at first, but then August shows her all the inappropriate texts and dick pics. Brandi is shocked, apologizing to August. August has been torn, staying on as a babysitter with the family because she loves the baby and really likes Brandi. Brandi then reveals she wasn't happy in her marriage, but this has pushed her over the edge. She thanks August and tells her she is very brave. Brandi admires her strength and beauty, feeling a deep connection as they hug and share urgent kisses, which lead to far more as they explore each others tone, sensuous bodies and wet, throbbing pussies.
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What happened to this site? SHV use to be good
2018-02-13 15:46
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Hey Metalhead...sorry to hear you feel that way....what exactly missed the mark for you here.?
2018-02-15 16:45
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