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Video Description: Tonight it's a big day for Mrs. Rochester (Honey Gold). Her new husband Mr. Rochester, invites her to a fancy dinner with his friend and businesses partner. Mrs. Rochester is younger than them and she wants to make sure that her age will not give a bad impression. She asks Lilly (Chanel Preston), her personal stylist, to find the perfect outfit for her. During this intimate meeting, Mrs. Rochester realizes that Lily is more than just a stylist. She can make you look good, but she can also make you feel good.
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Honey Gold is charming and very sensual. Just wondering if this was shot before her mental health problems late last year: her friends were raising funds for her treatment. The mental health of adult performers is a real issue, and I hope she has been gstting the right support from the industry.
2019-04-01 03:39
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Ricky Greenwood
Yes it was shot few weeks before her mental problems last year. I know she receive treatment for it and when I saw her few week ago she looks great. The mental health is an issue and we take it seriously at mile high. That's why we partner with a program call Pineapple Support (pineapplesupport.com). 
2019-04-01 12:13
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That is encouraging. I often think that the adult performer life can go sour on young women who entered it in their teens.
2019-04-03 05:03
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