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Video Description: Alexis Fawx is the editor in chief of Sex & Style magazine--a high-end porn magazine geared towards horny lesbians with impeccable taste. Alexis is panicking, their cover model and the main story turned out horrible, and now they need a sexy new cover model ASAP. To make it worse, a documentary film crew has been following her and will capture the disaster. Alexis needs sudden inspiration... that may just be her goofy new assistant Bree! Alexis takes notice of Bree's perfect features and beauty underneath her glasses and unflattering clothes. As Bree loses her glasses and a few layers of clothes it's clear Alexis has a diamond in the rough. Bree Daniels a star--a porn star! But Bree's never kissed a boy.... or a girl! Alexis knows just how to calm the young, nervous beauty showing her just how good it feels when a woman works her pussy to multiple orgasms, then shows her just how to eat snatch! Bree's left feeling like a vixen ready for porn stardom.

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It's crazy that Bree was last on Sweetheart 18 months go - why so ? Such a waste of her incredible beauty and talent.
2018-06-02 04:53
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Wow ! Such a hot scene. Bree's orgasms are a wonder to behold, and there is a natural chemistry between Alexis and Bree. Alexis knows how to bring off her girls, that's for sure. It would be great to see much more of Bree on Sweetheart, in diffeeent roles. How about a Bree Lovers Girls series ? Would love to see her with Shyla, Jenna, Kenna, Keisha etc.
2018-06-02 04:51
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