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What a Nice Vibrator You Have

  • 03-14-2018 |
  • 2469
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Video Description: Jessica, the dutiful babysitter is picking up toys. She ends up in the master bedroom, gathering toys near the bed, until she finds a hidden vibrator! She's stunned, impressed and very wet with the force of the vibration. Jessica finally puts the vibrator back were she found it, and leaves the room to complete her chores. However, poor horny Jessica is aching for an orgasm and returns to the room, grabs the vibrator and works herself into a frenzy. Jessica is so busy masturbating that beautiful employer Cory's appearance is missed. Both are embarrassed as Jessica tries to play it off, saying it looks like a great back massager. Cory goes along with it, but decides to have some fun with the deviant cutie, offering to show her how to best use it. Cory hesitantly comes over and presses it onto her lower back unsure of what she's gotten herself into now. Jessica is no innocent, and turns around, thrusting her pussy into the vibrator between them and angles the toy between both their legs. Cory wants more of Jessica's luscious curves, as they begin to kiss and caress.

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Hot ladies
2018-04-06 14:41
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The Big Bam
Cory rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2018-03-14 03:11
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