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It's a delicate balance for Mona - Keeping her best friend, Angela happy while juggling a secret affair with Angela's husband, Michael. Despite years of friendship. Mona just cannot control her desires and she indulges in a full-blown affair behind Angela's back. Unsure how to navigate the tricky terrain, Mona seeks advice from her sister, Pristine - who somehow managed to successfully break up a marriage and land the man of her dreams. But, things become complicated for Mona breaks off things with Michael and starts dating another man. However, old habits die hard when Michael refuses to let Mona move on and the affair starts again - but not without consequences. Mona's heart is bound to break - whether it be losing her best friend's husband - the man she can't help but love.

Photos from Forbidden Affairs #08 - My Best Friend's Husband


Sexy, nice narrative that actually ties the sex together. Only thing that would have been better would have been some passionate angry make-up sex between Mona and Angela! 5 stars!
2018-10-30 00:57
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Vanessa Sky is definitely the main attraction of this dvd, she should have been on the cover!
2018-06-13 12:10
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